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Price List

If you are booking in for a dental hygienist appointment and haven't visited us before, then you will need to opt for the New Patient Dental Hygiene Treatment. After this, you and your hygienist will decide on the best plan to suit your needs.

If it is tooth whitening or composite bonding you are after you can book these directly with our amazing dentist.

Dental Hygiene Treatments

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

This treatment involves a detailed periodontal examination to measure the depth of your gum pocket, plaque and bleeding, gum recession, tooth mobility and more. A thorough yet comfortable treatment to remove harmful bacteria to help stabilise your periodontal condition.

From £150

Teeth Whitening

Your teeth whitening experience will begin with a free consultation with our expert dentist. At your second appointment you will receive AIRFLOW treatment with our hygienist, your custom made trays and whitening kit.


Doctor's Appointment

Health Screening

A simple and convenient way to know your baseline health numbers

  • Cholesterol Level

  • Glucose Level

  • Blood Pressure

  • Waist to Height Ratio

  • BMI​​


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